Objectives and Outcomes

Objectives of NCHPE-2017

  1. To sensitize faculty about newer concepts in areas of teaching, assessment and curriculum development
  2. To adapt faculty members to their changing roles
  3. Convince faculties of the worth to devote time in education related activities
  4. To empower faculties with teaching/learning/leadership skills
  5. To enable faculty to change and improve their teaching and student learning
  6. To foster positive institutional climate
  7. To sensitize to the need of incorporating Professionalism/Ethics/Communication skills in the curriculum
  8. Inter-professional bonding
  9. To provide a common forum to all stakeholders to discuss and address state relevant Health Professions’ Educators issues with experts and the capacity building needs of the workforce to deliver priority health care services in the region
  10. Instill responsibility and ownership in all stakeholder vis-à-vis Health professions’ education

Expected outcomes

  1. Enriched knowledge of faculties through interaction with experts
  2. Faculties sensitized and motivated towards understanding the learning needs of students
  3. Increased effectiveness of faculty Improved teaching/Assessing skills
  4. Improved student engagement better student learning
  5. Direct impact on health care services
  6. Networking
  7. Creation of a common platform for the Medical Colleges of the State to move forward
  8. Recommendations of experts and faculty master trainers to address the HRH (human resources for health) needs of the region.
  9. Formulating policies to support improvement of teaching and of learning establishing programmes for it
  10. Consideration for the need of a Regional centre for teachers’ training in the State

Our Address

Conference Secretariat:
NCHPE 2017,
Medical Education Unit,
Jorhat Medical College, Jorhat-785001, Assam, India.

+91 94351 41989 (Between 11AM to 4PM IST)
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.